Educational offer

The educational offer of Collegio di Milano includes high level Cultural Activities and several services.
The educational proposal follows the mission of Fondazione Collegio delle Università Milanesi and specifically offers:

  • Cultural Activities: complementary to the University career, aiming to offer useful tools to understand the complexity of reality through a multicultural, interdisciplinary and international approach, relationship with the business world supporting the development of life skills.

The Cultural Activies includes seminaries, workshops, project works, special guest’s evening, English language class with certification, Italian language class and community services.

The seminars offered by Collegio di Milano are focused on 5 thematic areas:

Education to citizenship: seminaries helping the student to define the citizenship feeling, the social identity and the civil cohabitation.

Business and economics: investigation on the complexity of the relationship between economy and society, starting from some concrete cases.

Images of the human being: seminaries to understand the human and social complexity

Global languages and cultures: to develop an innovative and educational approach, keeping in consideration the features of the modern context and of the global market to better understand the problems and how to deal with them.

Scientific knowledge: study of the scientific discipline to improve the knowledge and to get new skills on different fields and to understand the right methodology to approach the reality and its complexity.

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  • Tutorship service: to support students all along their staying at Collegio, enhancing their talents and their personal and professional growth.
  • Career Service to support students in the comprehension of the business world and help their entrance in it

Collegio di Milano also incentivizes and supports sport activities, also as instrument to help the personal growth and the development of social relationship.